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Capability Statement: Non-Emergency Transportation In Tucker, GA

MLB Transportation (MLBT) is a small minority company established in 1976 under the laws of the State of Georgia. The company provides non-emergency transportation in Tucker, GA too and from public medical facilities for its special needs clients, as well as shuttle services for employees of various government agencies. The company specializes in providing transportation services for the disabled, individuals with special needs, and senior citizens. One of the company's Senior Executive Officers, Michael L. Baker, served as a transportation expert to the Centers for Disease Control and Emory Hospital in establishing their first shuttle services.

MLB Transportation, Inc. Offers Non-Emergency Transportation In Tucker, GA

Prior Experience

In 1986, the company began providing transportation services to the Fulton County Health Department. Over the years, the organization's successful implementation of this contract and steady growth increased our stability as a health and human services transporter. Because of this success, in 1992, we obtained a contract with the Veterans Administration, where the monthly service hours totaled over 2,160 per month. This contract required MLBT to transport patients for routine daily appointments and other medical needs to the VA Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia. The company also began a shuttle/courier service for Grady Memorial Hospital, Emory Hospital, and Crawford Long Hospital. In addition to transporting medical staff between hospitals, we provided courier service for over ten years transporting transplant organs, specimens, mail, and other items between hospitals. The service hours on this contract averaged over 2,300 hours.

In October 2006, MLBT began providing the Centers for Disease Control with shuttle services for its employees and contracting staff. Seven 15-passenger buses were used daily to transport passengers totaling over 2,200 hours of service monthly.

In October 2009, MLBT was awarded the contract as the sole non-emergency transportation provider for the VAMC-Atlanta to transport beneficiaries to and from their medical appointments. We conduct over 300 transportation services per day for the VAMC between GA, SC, and AL. We are in our eighth year of this contract.

We also provided for the Atlanta VAMC when their contracted company abruptly walked off the job. We had two days to implement the services that were provided for over six months.

In 2012, MLBT was awarded the Clayton County Aging Program Contract to transport Clayton County's Senior Citizens to their medical appointments and designated senior centers throughout Clayton County. MLBT also uses their shuttle services to transport Clayton County Seniors to a variety of other approved activities. This contract has been re-awarded to MLB Transportation for the Clayton County 2016 fiscal year.

 In 2013, MLBT was awarded the Grady Health and Human Services Shuttle Services Contract to transport their employees from a designated parking area to Grady Hospital and back. This contract has been renewed for another year.

 All contracts have been renewed through 2017.

Staff Expertise

Leon Gresham, CEO and Fleet Manager, has over 25 years in the transportation business and seven years as Fleet Manager.

Michael L. Baker, CFO, has over 35 years of experience in business, with an established history of working in non-emergency transportation with federal, state, and local contracts since 1975.

Virginia Hudson Baker, Operations Manager, has over 30 years in law enforcement and over 25 years in the transportation business.

MLB Transportation recruits, hires, and trains drivers and administrative staff to be sensitive to our clientele's special needs. We strive for excellence in efficiency and strong professional customer service when transporting our passengers daily.

Current Capability & Capacity

MLBT has experienced employees, drivers, and an administrative staff trained in dispatch systems, customer service, MS Office Suite, Human Resources, grant writing, logistics, special needs transportation, and other administrative requirements.

Current Contracts

MLBT currently has contracts with the VAMC-Atlanta, DeKalb County, Clayton County Aging Program, Grady Hospital System, and other private senior citizens organizations. We successfully completed an emergency valet service project for the VAMC that we staffed, equipped, and managed with a two-day prior notice.